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Stop it.

And it gets worse –

What have we learned here?
1.  These are from the Hardees Youtube channel. They have interlacing issues. So if the agency or client thinks you are funny, you do not have to be technically adept.
2.  Depraved juveniles have taken over advertising.


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Condom Commercial Kid and Parenting Wars in Media

You may have seen this Zazoo Condoms nugget that has been circulating around and featured on TV shows about funny commercials. There is even an entry in the Urban Dictionary about it. That’s right. Annoying children everywhere are now being referred to as Condom Commercial Kids. It is said to be BANNED, does anyone know why it was banned? It should be mandatory for high school sex ed classes. I have actually seen a lot of new indie vids that are smiteful toward parents and parenting. It is probably backlash from all the current celebrity baby obcessions and constant baby gushing quotes in media.

Motherly Instinct by Walking Contradiction – skit submitted to by Heidi Edsall. Walking Contradiction is a sketch group consisting of Heidi, Keisha Zollar and Selena Coppock. This was just featured at the Boston Comedy Festival.

Pregnant Women are Smug by Garfunkel and Oates

And one more good example,  Sexy Single.

Seems like a storm is brewing. Parents VS Childless. Or is that Child Free?


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