These e-cards Say it with Baby Animals

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Cuddly kittens, playful puppies and fuzzy ducklings broaching sensitive subjects like “Are you a hooker?”  or “Can we stop cuddling?” These are the situations that Say it with Baby Animals authors, Amanda McCall and Ben Schwartz, soften with a lethal combination of irresistible cuteness and brash humor. They recently launched some equally adorable/repulsive e-cards. I checked in with them to ask a few questions about the cards as a promotion strategy.

Humerus Uterus: Did you two meet working on the David Letterman show? How did Baby Animals come about?

A and B:  We met while working as pages for Letterman.  At that moment, the stars aligned and we knew we would be making satire postcard books together.

Humerus Uterus:  Who purchases “with Baby Animals”  books, and why? Is it the same demographic you expected?

A and B:  Luckily a wide range of people have been buying the book.  Young and old, everyone has bad news and awkward questions that could use the aid of a baby animal.

Humerus Uterus:  When were the e-cards launched?

A and B:  We had a batch of ecards for our first book Grandma’s Dead: Breaking Bad News with Baby Animals and now we are launching a whole new set for Asking Awwkard Questions.  We hope to release some new ones every week.

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Humerus Uterus:  Do you find that your web/viral followers fit the same profile as the book consumers?

A and B:  If your sense of humor is a little dark…these postcards will find you NO MATTER WHERE YOU HIDE.

Humerus Uterus:  Mobile seems like a natural progression. What is next for Baby Animals?

A and B:  Next, we plan on traveling from city to city holding real animals and yelling awkward questions at random pedestrians.

Humerus Uterus: Do you have any other recent projects to share? 

A and B:  We are both working on fun stuff independently you can find out more by googling the hell out of us.

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3 responses to “These e-cards Say it with Baby Animals

  1. ha ha ha funny and cute at the same time!!!!♥

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