Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert are the New Oprahs

That is how Comedy Central would like you to interpret a new study about the deep personal connection viewers have for The Daily Show and The Colbert Report. Reported in a NY Times story by Bill Carter, MTV Entertainment Networks (parent company of CC), commissioned Harris Interactive to research how people bond with the shows.

In terms of numbers, these committed late-night viewers tend to watch the Comedy Central stars more often, with about 40 percent averaging two-to-four viewings a week, according to the survey. The best performance by a network late-night star was Jay Leno (he was still on the “Tonight Show” then) at 29 percent.

So one might think this means increased ad revenue potential for Stewart and Colbert. But not so fast. Carter reports that

Mr. Donchin of Carat said that although he had not seen the research, “I’d hate to say they can charge a premium” based on it.

He said Carat’s clients would be impressed with evidence of deep audience involvement with the Comedy Central shows but would nonetheless probably buy across the spectrum of late-night programs. “We want to be on all the shows,” he said.

So if the poll results don’t bring more premium TV ad revenue, I wonder if they could not leverage it better with the online market. This might be a good strategy, since there is potential for the quality viewers to propel efforts virally. Especially since Online Video Tops All but Facebook in Social Media Marketing Usage .

So in what way do you think this research data could be considered in a CC campaign?


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